TV aerial satellite extension

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We at COHEN TV can also

wire up any number of other

rooms in your property

to suit your requirements.Whether

you want to watch the same

TV channel in different rooms

or different TV channels in different

rooms at the same time.

From your TV aerial and satellite

there are a variety of different ways

to do this but this does depend on the

signal strength from your

TV aerial or satellite dish outputs

from both your LNB and receiver.

For example, on your TV aerial we can install:
An internal or tv aerial external splitter

and run the coax cable to other rooms
A masthead amplifier and a power supply
An indoor TV aerial distribution amplifier.
An indoor TV aerial booster.

For example, on your satellite dish:
Using spare outputs for your LNB on your

satellite dish Replacing the LNB

with one that has more outputs.

For example, we can also distribute the

satellite signal from the satellite receiver:
Using the rf out 2 on the back of a

Sky receiver We can install a satellite amplifier

to the rf out 2 output to give you more

outputs and install magic eyes

so you can control the

Sky box downstairs from the
comfort of your bedroom.

We can fit a modulator io link to make an

rf out 2 on receivers that don’t

have rf out 2,  for example, on

Freesat receivers.

For example, you can have a

mini IRS system installed
This is a complete new system that small

blocks of flats can use.

For example, distributing TRUE HD

to other HD TVs Using a HD amplifier

with long HDMI leads to different

rooms with HD TVs and receivers in.

This is also a good way for establishments

such as pubs, clubs, conference

rooms and gyms that require the same

HD channel on differnt HD screens.


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The future of home

entertainment has arrived

We have the future

in stock and ready for our

installers to install

in to you home.

True HD distribution 



You will be able to get

true HD to every

LED/LCD/TV screen

in your home with full

remote control in every

room that has an

HD TV. This may reduce

your subscription charges an

hd distribution system

will give you the best Picture

and sound quality available.

This is now even possible

using your old coax cable

For more information please call

01702 470202.

All electrical equipment has a

1 year guaranteed.

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Plus many more Towns all over the




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extension point installation in Essex,

please contact the company on: 0800 019 1123

correct colour coax to suit building

Satellite coax cable does not have to be black.