Digital HD TV Aerial

Installation for Essex

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All our Digital HD TV aerial installations


All our Digital TV aerial installations

are carried out using

CAI bench marked Approved product.
We only use heavy duty galvanised brackets. 
Our TV aerial mast for the 

digital HD TV aerial

is aluminium with a minimum

of 14 gauge for our

digital HD aerial installations.

Our coax cable is CAI bench marked

that is foam filled and double screened

keeping out interference and reducing

signal loss to a minimum.

This allows us to give you a 5 year

guarantee from the date of

installation on all

non electrical parts on the 

digital TV HD aerial with our

5 year labour guarantee.

Example the main

TV aerial,pole, bracket and

coax cable will be 5 years,

our labour will be 5 years.

We are a limited company that has been

established since 1962 So you can rest assured

that our guarantee means more to us than just

the back of the invoice it is written on.


digital HD TV aerial is The Antiference xg10w/b
This is Ideal for good to weaker signal strength areas

and can also be used on a multi point installations.

The xg10wb is a wideband

HD ready TV aerial

it is suitable for

freeview TV and has >14.9db gain

& a front to back ratio of>26 db.

This robust design is

CAI bench marked 2 with

digital approval and HD approval.

The xg10 TV aerial is an amazing peace

of engineering which has proved to stand

the test of time for reliability in the worst

weather conditions and electronically on

the strictest test benches for bench marking.

The heavy duty pole and bracket

installation for the digital HD TV aerial is also

suitable for fitting a DAB aerial and satellite dish

at a later date making it a more future proof option.

Digital HD TV aerial installation options
Our approved TV aerial engineers

will discuss with you the best installation options

available for your property.

example Chimney mount,wall mount,

loft mount.Lead slate mount.

DIGITAL TV Transmitter options
Every property has a different line path to different

TV aerial transmitters.
Depending on watt is between

you and thetransmitter,our

TV aerial engineers will discuss with you the best

transmitter for your installation.

This will affect witch local news and weather

programmes you will receive.


Our TV HD TV aerial installers

are in these areas Monday to Saturday

Little Wakering,Barling,

Southchurch,Southend on Sea,

Westliff-on Sea,





Battlesbridge,Canvey Island,







Plus many more Towns all over the

Essex area.

Please call 0800 0191123 to book your

HD TV aerial installation in Essex


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Digital HD TV Aerial Installation for Essex