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DAB Aerial installation Essex

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please call 0800 0191 123

With a dab aerial installation there a

quite a few decisions to be made the first

is witch type to have fitted. This will

depend on if you prefer to listen to local radio

stations or radio stations that are further away.

For local radio stations you can have an omni

directional dab aerial installed, this type of

dab aerial is designed to pick up local

dab radio stations from different directions.

We recommend the antiference dab 2301

this well constructed dab aerial that has

a one element rod design with 2.2> db

gain, making it a perfect design

for local dab radio stations.

The second type of dab aerial you can

have installed is a directional one, this

type of dab aerial is designed to pick

up dab radio stations that are further away.

We recommend the antiference dab2304t

this well constructed fm aerial has 4

directional elements with a Impressive

6.2>db forward gain and with a front

to back ratio of>19db, making it a perfect

design for all real hi fi enthusiasts that

want to receive out of town

dab radio stations.


The next decision is where to have your

dab aerial installed we recommend as

high up as possible for example on the

chimney using a galvanised chimney

bracket and alloy pole. This is because

the higher the dab aerial is fitted the

more signal it will receive. Because a

lot of properties don’t have a chimney

the next best place to receive maximum

signal is with a galvanised wall bracket

and alloy pole on the wall just below the

apex of the building. The last place would

be in the loft due the roof blocking the

signal from the aerial this will reduce

how much signal is received for example

when you drive through a tunnel

in your car this makes the car radio

goes fuzzy. All of our dab installations

come with a 5 year guarantee


Our dab aerial installers are in these

areas Monday to Saturday











romford-laindon-thorpe bay.

Plus many more towns across Essex.

Please call 0800 0191123

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